Signs matter

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After two days in Berkeley, California, I can say that people here believe that signs matter. So many creative and original designs. Inspiring. This photo is taken somewhere in Telegraph street.


The exterior world losing it´s existence

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Ann Lislegaard: Crystal World, a two-channel digital video installation based on J.G. Ballard’s novel, The Crystal World, from 1966

Completely unaware of what I was going to see, I met the work of Ann Lislegaard in 2009 at Astrup Fearnley, a museum of modern art in Oslo. Her video installation Crystal World was a part of an exhibition called Rotating Views #1.

Quote from the website of Ann Lislegaard: “A text, generated from a letter written by the protagonist in J.G. Ballard’s novel The Crystal World (1966), describes a zone of entropy, a process of transformation and crystallization.” I´ve always been fascinated by disturbed reality. A lot of writers are touching this from time to time. I could mention books like Pinocchio-papirene by Tor Åge Bringsværd, Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami, Book of illutions by Paul Auster, Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges and so many more. Lislegaard does this with her moving images. Take a look at the installation here. But of course, the best experience is to actually be in the room with the installation projected on the walls.


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Markers on paper, 2002. Originally printed in the magazine Sorthvit.

This was in 2002 illustrating a text about having an ideal of who to be and never be able to come even close to reach it. There has been a saying in Norway, something like “He´s a superchristian.” or “She´s VERY Christian.” I can remember this text wanted to point out that there might not excist superchristians. Most certainly it doesn´t. There´s just one sort, the one who admits the need for help.

Religious power

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Illustration of a text about religios power. Can´t remember for which magazine, but it might be Credo, or Sorthvit. Markers and pencils, 2002.

A rush of old illustrations it seems. I´ll let this one speak for itself.

The heads on the troll

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An illustration of taking control of what´s making an impact on us. Pencil and inc on paper, 2001. Made originally for the magazine Sorthvit.

It´s said that we are what we see, eat, think and breathe. Most of the time we´re not conscious of what´s making this impact on us. To illustrate this taking control of own life, I used a well known Norwegian scene (originally drawn by Werenskiold) from a folk tale where the common and poor but confident boy rescues the princess from the three headed troll. I put sneakers on the boy and new heads on the troll, one head as media and culture, one as money and one as being apathetic or parked in life, feeling stuck.

Good luck with the figuratively sword yourself!

Who is he?

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Illustration made for Sorthvit in 2001. Markers and color pencils.

These days one of my drawings from 2001 is reused. I originally made this for the magazine Sorthvit in 2001 as an illustration to a text called “Who is Jesus?”. Now there´s a serie of preachings in the church Filadelfia in Oslo with the same headline. This drawing is illustrating the theme on their website and on the stage.

My dilemma when getting this assignment I remember was how to visualize how extremely close Christ gets when he is invited. It´s way past the typical comfort zone. I drew him reaching in through the looking glass of the soul, the eye, and in to the very inside, of the viewer of the drawing. It might not be theological correct, but will hopefully give a feeling of the intimicy.

A screenshot of the Filadelfia Oslo website.

All´s there to love

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A small piece of the cover of Mezzanine by Massive Attack. Design made by Tom Hingston, Nick Knight, Robert Del Naja, Tom Hingston Studio.

A great song on a great album is Black Milk from Mezzanine, Massive Attack. I´ve listened to it so many times but never had a clue what the lyrics was about. I could recognize “love you..” in there somewhere, but that was all. Well, now I´ve googled the lyrics, and here´s what I found. Want to read?

“Black Milk”

[Liz Fraser]

You’re not my eater
I’m not your food
Love you for God
Love you for the Mother

Eat me
In the space
Within my heart
Love you for God
Love you for the Mother

Mother fountain
Or live or not at all

The most level
Sunken chapel
Love you for God
Love you for the Mother

All’s there to love
Only love

Lunar beauty

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Sunset and soon moonlight in Lifjell, Telemark.

Nothing is like getting my boots dirty with mountain mud and my face dipped in sunlight. Saturday was a nine hour walk in Lifjell, Telemark, and the last couple of hours the moon was up and the sun was down. Reading about lunar deity, Luna is the Latin name for the moon, it says that the moon has often been seen as the opposite of the sun. Magic and whimsical, female and lunatic. People used to believe that the moon caused periodic insanity. It´s an interesting fact that the moon is our natural satelite and it (she) causes the tides. Some people also still insists that the full moon increases the amount of admissions to psychiatric hospitals, traffic accidents, homicides or suicides. But there is no scientific evidence of this. Still, moonlight is something special, it causes moods you didn´t expect, and makes the night rare and beautiful.
– It’s been a great day, hasn’t it? he said passing me on the moonlit path. – Well yes it has, but right now I’m a bit tired of it, I replied. Already bitterly regretting my words as he disappeared out of the moonlight. Periodic female insanity, it seems to me to be true.

A figure, an object, a circle, are forms; they affect us more or less intensely. (Picasso)

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Screenshot of the site of Typography served.

I just love this website. So many inspiring fonts presented beautifully. Just a glance can make me happy. Typography served, go see!

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