A wet Norwegian summer

July 28, 2012 § 2 Comments


I hear nothing but complaints about the Norwegian summer. And the fact is, it´s wet this year, really wet. But I´ve had the best start to my holidays with a weekend to a friends cabin in Trysil, a few days at mum and dad´s place where mum picked wild strawberries to my breakfast toast, and a beautiful kayak and fishing trip to a little lake with great childhood friends. And more is yet to come. This could seem to become my best summer so far. And I haven´t actually been needing an umbrella yet. Once I got stuck under a church roof because of heavy rain, but that was atmospheric fifteen minutes that made my day brighter. A wet summer doesen´t have to be a depressing one. It´s all about the people, and the nature, and the state of mind, isn´t it.


Finally, it´s started!

May 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

A warm evening on the lake Nøklevann in Oslo.

Last week the kayak season started at Nøklevann in Oslo. My favourite after-work recreation is a couple of hours on the water. I´ve longed for this since January. Yesterday the water temperature was 15 celsius, and a lot of noisy and happy kids were taking a bath. Bold, I think I´ll wait for at least 18c myself.

Nøklevann in Oslo

That´s my Oslo

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

A series of captions with Hipstamatic for iPhone during one evening at the lake Nøklevann in Oslo.

It´s a lovely thing when this is possible and actually easy: Go to work a normal day, and afterwards take a twenty minutes trainride to a lake where over a hundred boats are waiting to be taken out on the water in the evening sun. Yesterday was such a day. I tried out a new kayak, the NELO Viper ´60. Smooth and easy to paddle. When I was heading back in to the pier, two friends showed up on their way out, so of course I stayed in my kayak a while longer. Turned out to be an evening with good training as well as recreation.

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