A 70 year old moved in today

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This was an ordinary Tuesday. But an old book was put in my hands. I love old books. It’s presenting art and architecture from the ancient world to the middle ages. Printed in 1944, the peace in Norway was still over a year away, I’m impressed they prioritised a book about art when there was short on food. Who would buy it? It was meant for the common man so the typography is large and the language is easy. Inspiring gift!


Mustard yellow soft chairs, mmm … (day 5)

February 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

Bus 12 or 13 to Piazzale Michelangelo? Nah, that shouldn’t be necessary? I haven’t had a Firenze map the days I’ve been here, I read the map before I left Norway and that has seemed to do. I knew I should start walking the Via Bardi so I took my chance. And it was real easy. The piazza is a parkinglot but with an exeptional view! But don’t even begin to think that the replica of David here is the same as seeing the real one in Accademia!
On my way to Santa Maria del Fiore (to climb the dome of Brunelleschi) I accidently met Dante. I didn’t know much of him before but I’ve found that I like him.
The plan was to visit Galleria d’arte Moderna this afternoon, but another thing I accidently stumbled across was an old theatre, Odeon, showing movies with original sound. Enough walking for today. Those mustard yellow soft chairs suited me just fine. Promised Land with Matt Damon and Francis McDormand.

I made at least one decision

January 22, 2013 § 8 Comments

The highly not likely gothic cathedral in Florence.

The highly not typical gothic cathedral in Florence. Easily seen compared to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany on top in this picture. From Gardner´s Art Through the Ages.

During my art history studies back in the days I made (at least) one decision, I had to travel to Italy to see all the things I read about. Florence was essential, then Rome, then I would´ve loved to drive around in the coutryside with good friends. I never went to Italy. I went to Africa, Oceania and America, but during all these years (almost fifteen) never Italy. I guess I waited for the right travel companions at the right time. Suddenly a few days ago I thought – why not just go? Now the tickets are bought to Florence and I´ll stay for a week, finally.

Some googled glimpses of the lovely city.

Some googled glimpses of the lovely city.

I can´t stand heat combined with crowds and queues of summer this far south. This time of year it´s winter and the least amount of tourists in Florence, so it suits me well, I might even get into the Uffizi Gallery without much effort. I hope this will be the first of many visits to Italy.

All the riddles of the world

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Two of these sfinxes are guarding the museum in Golden Gate Park.

The writer Michael Ende told me a long time ago in his book The Neverending Story, that sphinxes is carrying all the riddles of the world in their eyes. If you walk into their sight you can´t leave until all the riddles are solved, unless the sphinx show you mercy as a chosen person. I was deeply fascinated and thought these guardians of the museum de Young in Golden Gate Park was worthy Ende´s description of sphinxes. If you go to de Young, don´t get too close to the eyesight of the sphinxes, you never know if you´re a chosen one. Unless you have all the answers of course.

“Don´t get married. Women are crazy.”

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Parts of two of the published book-covers of The Crossing.

Cormac McCarthy is not the kind of author I´d start reading all by myself. I´ve seen No Country For Old Men, and knew about some of his other titles, but I don´t normally pick up books which seem to me all too realistic and perhaps a bit boring. A friend gave med The Crossing for my birthday, and after his warm recommendations I put this gift first in my reading-line, before Ficciones, Bly, The God of Small Things and A Game Of Thrones. After seventy pages I´m glad I did. In fact, after ten pages I was already deeply fascinated. Not mainly because of the story of the little family settling in a new place and the hunt for the wolf, but because of McCarthys formulations, his warmth in describing people. I might be a bit influenced by the huge cover-words “beautiful and dangerous”, but so far I find them accurate. How I look forward to the rest, and more of McCarthys books. I´ll give you a tiny taste of his writing:

“He struck it and a bluish ball of flame whooshed up. He lit the cigarette and snapped the lighter shut but it continued to burn anyway. He blew it out and dandled it in one hand to cool it. He looked at the boy.

I had to quit using the hightest, he said.


You married?

No sir. I aint but sixteen.

Don´t get married. Women are crazy.


You´ll think you´ve found one that aint but guess what?


She will be too.”

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